[Rev. 8/2004]

Ami M. Regier

Direct line to office: (316)284-5293



Ph.D.: English, Univ. of Southern California (8/95)

MA: English, Kansas State University (7/90)

BA: English and Art, Bethel College (5/85 Magna Cum Laude)

Academic Appointments Assistant Professor, Department of English at Bethel College, Fall 1995--2001, Associate Professor, Department of English at Bethel College, 2001--.
Courses taught: Studies in Fiction: History of the Novel and Female Authorship, Literature of the Non-Western World, Contemporary American Literature, Poetry Workshop, Fiction Workshop, Modern Critical Theory, Studies in Drama, Understanding Literature, American Literature I and II, College Issues Colloquy, Critical Writing, and Fundamentals of English.

Assistant Lecturer, Freshman Writing Program at the University of Southern California, 1990-1995. Courses taught: beginning and advanced composition, and composition for students having English as a second language.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of English at Kansas State University, 1988-1990.



Reviews and Interviews Interview with Karen Reimer on language, legibility, and visual art. Bethel College Bulletin. Spring 2000. 32+.

"Multimedia Colloquy with Keith Ratzlaff." Large-scale interview with recorded readings and Paul Klee paintings on the relations of poetry and visual art in Man Under a Pear Tree. Mennonite Life. Online journal. 3/30/2000.

"The Dream of the Self as a `Community of Memory': Jeff Gundy and the Ancestral Voices." Arts review essay. Mennonite Life March 1998 53.1: 28-30.

They Call Me Agnes: A Crow Narrative Based on the Life of Agnes Yellowtail Deernose. MELUS: A Journal of the Society for the Study of Multiethnic Literatures of the U.S. vol. 22.3 Fall 1998.

Brunk, Juanita. Brief Landing on the Earth’s Surface. MQR.Winter1998.

Alvarez, Julia. El Otro Lado / The Other Side. Portlandia (Winter l996 2): l0.

Janzen, Jean. Snake in the Parsonage. Mennonite Life. 50.4: l995. 4l, 42.

Professional Papers Presented
“Teaching Novels as `Public Stories’: Liberal Arts Narrative Modes and Communal Structures.” Teaching Peace: Nonviolence and the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Bluffton College, May 26-28, 2004. 

“Hybrid Objects and Narrative Syncretism in Gardens in the Dunes.” American Literature Association 2001 Contemporary American Literature Conference. Santa Fe, New Mexico. October 25-28, 2001.
Collection, Narration, and Drama: Interdisciplinary Elements in Louise Erdrich's The Bingo Palace." Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literatures at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. 4/6/96.

"Thematic Humanities Courses: Self-Other Encounters." Fourth Annual Cultural Studies Symposium: Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. 3/9/95.

"Translating Objects and Constructing Subjects in North-South Border Writing." Modern Language Association: Toronto, Canada. 12/29/93.

"Simulacra, Cyborgs, and the Female Subject in Angela Carter's Novels." Philological Association of the Pacific Coast: Las Vegas, Nevada. 11/15/91.

"Wallace Stevens Looking at `Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers.'" Aesthetic Politics/Political Aesthetics: Univ. of California, Los Angeles. 5/18/91.

"Metaphor, Identity and Loss in Colin Clout's Come Home Againe." Central Renaissance Conference: Loyola University, Chicago. 4/7/90.

Community Presentations
  • "Love Story: Romantic Fictions." Junior Reading Circle, Newton, KS. 3/16/2000.
  • Faculty Seminar. "Collecting and Recollecting One's Self: From Oedipal Origins to Hybrid Cultural Identities." 2/9/98.
  • Slide-lecture presentation (with Karen Reimer). "Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love." Bethel College convocation series. 4/21/97.
  • Guest lecture. "Gender, Race, and Class in Contemporary American Literature." Women's Issues course. Spring 1997.
  • Review and discussion of biographical fiction: Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior. Bethel College Reading Club. May, 1998.
  • Review and discussion of Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye "Carrying the Written Life in The Red Suitcase". Bethel College Reading Club. 4/7/97.
  • International Literature. Life Enrichment. 12/13/96.
  • Teaching Multicultural Literature. ACCK English gathering. Spring 1995. McPherson.
  • Guest lecture. Feminist literary studies. Women’s Issues course. Fall 1995.
  • Service Student Mentorship

    Undergraduate research: advisor, 1 student, summer 2003, postmodern theory and ethics
    Undergraduate research: advisor for 2 students winning research funds, summer of 1997
    Undergraduate research: 1 student, summer 1999

    Senior seminar advisor: 1995--present

    Professional Development


    "Collectibles, Fetishes and Hybrid Objects: Object Discourses and Syncretic Female Identity in Recent Cross-Racial North American Women's Representation."

    An aesthetics grounded in collection figures strongly in women's formulations of ethnically syncretic identity in contemporary North American multicultural literature. I examine the narrative, critical, and visual practices that use the hybridity, excess, and accumulation of collections to revise the traditionally hierarchical relationship of subject and object, self and other, in American literature and culture.


    Professional Affiliations

    Modern Language Association MELUS